Jun. 5th, 2011


Jun. 5th, 2011 03:27 pm
crienselt: (Raine)
So I finally got around to reading Catherine Fisher's The Oracle Betrayed. I gotta say, I'm kind of disappointed. I really liked the concept behind it and I'm intrigued enough to read the other two--eventually--but the entire thing just fell kind of flat. The main weakness lies in the characters. They never really gained any depth or true personality. You never really got a true feel for them; you just watched them go through motions without having any real motivation or emotional connection to them. Maybe we were told too much instead of getting to see? I don't know. It just felt like something was missing... However, although I do have my doubts about where the next books are headed, I will say that I was immensely grateful that she didn't include any romance between the leads--yet. There's just not any spark there and I was really afraid she was going to force it. I still am. I know it's bound to be coming...

Meanwhile, I also read East by Edith Pattou and the next on my Prachett list, Wyrd Sisters. I really enjoyed both of them. I think Wyrd Sisters might be my favorite Prachett so far! Currently working on A Game of Thrones but that's going to take a while...


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