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I'd kind of fallen out of Office fandom. I've always watched the show, but I hadn't really ventured into the episode/spoiler discussions for sometime. Well, today I did, and I am most disturbed to discover that shipping wank has come to the Office. True, there were people who routed for different and sometimes conflicting pairings, but I'd never noticed any real animosity. But the wank over Andy/Erin vs Andy/Oscar is disheartening to say the least.

Personally, I loved the idea of Andy/Oscar, but the more I thought about it, the less I think Oscar would really want to date Andy. But, hey, the episode where they were drunk together was great, and I enjoyed their bonding no end. And it would be a fun pairing. However, I'm also really enjoying Andy/Erin. It's adorable. And they really do seem to make a lot of sense. I think what really sold me on the pairing was when Erin started singing the Mr. Scott song from "Scott's Tots" because it made me immediately think of Andy and something he would do. And the drummers were amazing.

And I don't have a point other than I'm sad at the ridiculous (and mostly unjustified) hate Erin is getting. I can understand people not especially liking her, but we havn't been given much of reason (beyond personal taste) to dislike her. Yeah, she's quirky, but its all good!

So lets just get along!
(And, yes, I do find myself less enchanted with Pam than I used to be.)
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