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TV, I've missed you. Somehow we lost each other over the past several years, but now I'm back and happily warming in your glow!

Shows I’ve started watching:

Once Upon a Time: Really enjoying it so far and have high hopes for its potential.  (Although I admit Henry can be annoying, the whole Regina vs. Emma thing can get old, and I’m not entirely sure I approve of David’s behavior even if I understand how it can be excused...)

Downton Abbey: My exact cup of tea—period romance/drama on Masterpiece! I am so happy that it’s set during WWI. It’s a time period I don’t know that much about, and I often feel WWI is neglected in the media in favor of WWII. Meanwhile, it gives my inner Mary/Dickon Secret Garden shipper heart a bit of inspiration. (Although I admit that I often feel as if I have missed something in terms of the relationships, and don’t care for Mary, and to that end don’t really enjoy Mary/Matthew or have it in me to care/root for them… However, I can accept them and that’s what matter I guess.)

Hell on Wheels: The music and scenery are enough of a reason for me to watch. I enjoy the plot well enough too and am anxious to see what happens next season. I also appreciate that they didn’t throw Bohannon/Lily together immediately. (Although I do think that’s where it’s heading and am not sure I really enjoy it—but can accept it—and think Durant’s crush could have been left out…)

Napoleon Dynamite: I loved the movie and I really enjoyed the first episodes of the ‘toon.

American Horror Story: I can’t say I was happy with where they took the plot and can think of plenty of things I (in my infinite wisdom!) might have done differently, but I will certainly tune in to see what season 2 brings.

Grimm: The plots starting to pick up, and I find myself liking each episode more than the last. (Although I personally don’t care for Nick’s fiancé… But I’m not sure if it’s the character or the actress that bugs me.)

Shows I’m still watching:

Glee: Sigh. I don’t know what keeps me watching. It annoys me often than not and the song selection has gone downhill, in my opinion. So many inconsistencies and so much lack of continuity and so much message hypocrisy and so many forgotten plot lines and so much wasted potential. The show started out so good—and now it just makes me want to punch something.

Raising Hope: I have nothing but love for this show! It is pure fun and always makes me smile! I hope it sticks around for years to come!

The Simpsons and Seth McFarland Trio: I will always be a Simpsons fan; I catch the others once and awhile.

An Idiot Abroad: Gotta love Karl!

Shows that require a catch-up:

Psych: I miss watching you! You always made me happy! (Although Jules/Shawn does nothing for me…)

The Office: I used to love you so, but life intervened and I stopped watching you. I know some say you aren’t as good, but I would still like to give you a go again someday!

Game of Thrones: I’ve read the books, so I know the deal. My main problem is lack of HBO, so I await the DVDs.

It's safe to assume I've abandoned the others...


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