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Half way through The King of Attolia, and it is official! I am in love with this series! (Took me long enough...) Seriously, I'm squeeful right now! I am officially full of squee. Hee!


Dec. 11th, 2009 08:40 pm
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I've been meaning to get out my thoughts on Glee for a while. I absolutely love the show. It makes me happy and always leaves me entertained. And yet there's something about that is preventing from getting as "into it" as I've gotten into shows in the past.

This, I think is partly due to the fandom. So far...I'm not a fan of it. At least, I don't find it nearly as enjoyable a community to belong to as I have those of other shows. In generally it just seems like its to serious--too much complaining, too many theater-nerd geek offs. At the same time it's very excitable--too much squeeing over almost every little thing. And too fickle--people ship hop every episode. It'd be one thing if this meant many multi-shippers but in general it felt like people were doing the serious business thing over a different ship every other week. (What it needs, in short, is more lulz.)

This latter trait of the fandom is probably related to the series issues with continuity and choppy, incomplete/rushed feeling character/story arcs. This could be due to the fact that they were trying to squeeze so much into the first episodes for fear the series wouldn't be picked up. Which brings me to my next complaint--Will and Emma. I don't like it. I mean, I like the idea, but it was faaarrr too rushed for my taste. Really, I think we needed a more detailed back story of Will and Terri. And then to just have will go right from Terri to Emma is too much, too soon. They should have gone the Roy/Pam/Jim route. I'd have loved it then...and probably really have rooted for it. Instead I'm just indifferent-mildly annoyed.

All that said, I do LOVE the show.
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Too late...

EDIT: :(
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Oct. 17th, 2009 07:12 pm
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This is going to be pathetic...

The BBC's Best Loved Books )
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Y'know, Kanye West may be a complete and utter douche, but I must say that I am rather enjoying the macro with which he has blessed the internet...
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In the interest of attempting to organize my thoughts and feelings regarding the various ships of my fandoms, I am endeavoring to go through them, more or less one by one, and collect my opinions here. First up, Avatar!


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A Great and Terrible Beauty: I liked it well enough. It was an easy read and passably entertaining in regard to the overall mystery--even if I totally called the twist. My only complaint was that I did not buy the friendship between the girls at all. spoiler ) That and the fact that some of the feminism felt forced and anachronistic.
Also, there really wasn’t a single character I found myself actively liking or enjoying. I found them all rather flat, I guess. And many of the back story/character details designed to give them depth and make them sympathetic, honestly didn’t work for me. (But more on that later.) Meanwhile, I enjoyed the interactions of Gemma/Kartik much more before Bray actually began to expand upon the romance.
In sum, I liked the book well enough to read the second.

Rebel Angels: I actually enjoyed quite a bit. Mind, all of the same gripes I had regarding the characters, the girls’ friendship, and forced feminism remained and were exaggerated. The Gemma/Kartik relationship also began to irritate me more. Maybe it felt forced? I dunno. I think it was Kartik I took issue you with. Something about his personality/characterization I didn’t quite like. But the plot, I felt, was well put together, and once more I enjoyed the over all story and mystery. (Even if I called the twist yet again.) In sort, this was easily my favorite of the trilogy.

The Sweet Far Thing: Ugh. I did not like this book. Too unnecessarily long. And, while there were some things I felt didn’t quite mesh between the first two books, this solidified my stance that Bray was doing some major retconning as the story progressed. spoiler )
To that end, since when is Gemma such a book nerd? I don’t recall her ever having found such comfort in them in the first book. And where did all the Tree of All Souls stuff come from? Surely there could have been some allusion to it before. And what happened to all the character development from the previous two novels? They certainly are not in the same place at the beginning of the third book as they were at the end of the second. I’m all for characters having flaws but the selfish, immature, pettiness that went on was just ridiculous. spoiler )
Lastly, the forced feminism was even more heavy handed than ever. Gemma’s final speech to Mrs. Nightwing was completely soapbox. I’m all for feminism and author’s including themes, but there is no need for it to be that transparent. And the meandering plot did nothing to help. ...I just did not like this book.
That said, I did end up liking at least two characters by the end of the series, Mrs. Nightwing, because I have a soft spot for stern but loving matrons, and Tom, if only because he struck me as a very human character. (And I did rather enjoy Tom/Ann while it lasted.)
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Considering this journal has been in a bit of a state of hibernation and that my tastes have changed (somewhat) over the course of the past two years, I feel the need to rehash my fandoms as of Sept. 2009.

Television )

Manga and Anime )

Video Games )

Books and Movies )

In sum, I most actively pay attention to the following fandoms, most likely due to the fact that the majority of them are currently ongoing series:
LOST, The Office, Psych, Avatar, Bleach, Naruto, Slayers, Xenosaga, Pheonix Wright, and Final Fantasy
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I have nothing to say aside from this: After 2 years+ I am bringing this journal back. And it will have content. And I might actually attempt to active in my fandoms. Might.

Ocean's 13

Jun. 13th, 2007 08:51 pm
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Better than 12. Like a lot better than 12. I might even have enjoyed it as much as 11, if only because it didn't have to waste time on the romantic subplot...or character development (though I guess they were trying with Matt Damon). Because, let's face it, I watch these movies to see them get dressed up, put on fake accents, and pull off ridiculously (but deliciously) complex cons. That and Brad Pitt and George Clooney have good chemistry.
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But Burke!

This is why I try to avoid becoming invested in live-action pairings. But I liked Burktina. It's been the only thing I've enjoyed about Grey's lately. And yeah, maybe the actor is a jerk, but Burke isn't! Sigh. I don't know how I'm going to watch Grey's next season. I know I will, if only because nothing else will be on. (Although, I think the Office was moving back to 9...) Still, I know I'll stick with it. And hope it gets better. But I don't know how. I don't want that British guy back. I can't imagine any other Cristina romance. I saddened by this. (Burke!)

Pirates 3

Jun. 2nd, 2007 08:32 pm
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Yeah, yeah it had it's issues, but I still liked it a lot! Definately better than the second!

A beating heart. )


May. 29th, 2007 06:32 pm
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Er, just for my reference...

Read more... )
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Heroes: You saved the cheerleader. )

LOST: We have to go back. )
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Spoilers for most recent chapters of Naruto.

Kittens! )
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The Office: It's a date! )

Ugly Betty: Drew Barrymore! )

Grey's Anatomy It's over. )

Incidentally, I'm upset about American Idol. I wanted Melinda to win.


May. 11th, 2007 02:32 pm
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And it is because of episodes like this that I am glad I stuck with Lost and why all the bitching about the show annoys me.

Uncle Rico!!!! )


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