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Icon dump of all the random icons that I've made for myself and that aren't posted elsewhere. This is so, on the off chance that anyone chances to see one of them and wants it, they may feel free to snag.

Cause, you know, people can be weird about icons. )
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Alias is gone.

And I'm not a happy camper )
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Alias is back! I hadn't realized how much I love this show, and just how much I'm going to miss it when it's gone. Not to mention how much I have and will miss the characters. Let's just hope the six **sobs** remaining episodes will be just as awesome as the two last night.

Let's face it. You waddle. )
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Gah, the surpises really just did not stop coming yesterday, eh? Because last night my jaw literally dropped... ) Wow, I did not see that coming at all. It was just...Wow. (Kinda makes me regret spoiling myself like I do, b/c it definately is better to be surprised by things!) I do not know how I can possibly make it until March! How can this show end? ...Though, speaking of end, sacrifice? Here's hoping it's Sloan! **fingers crosses** What? I think it would be fitting. And one last note: Vaughn: "We'll find each other. We always do."
Tear. But it's okay b/c Vaughn lives! He does. He has to. **weeps**

hehe, the fraggle is Sydney. Get it? Huh? Oh, I crack myself up... giggle, giggle...
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One word: YES!

From Kristen's article on E!Online

Alias Reunion! That's what it's certainly sounding like the big series finale in May could be. Sources tell me producers are hoping for a full two-hour blowout, in which they would bring back many of the former goodies and baddies we've loved and lost: Irina (Lena Olin), Will (Bradley Cooper), Francie (Merrin Dungey), Anna Espinosa (Gina Torres), Katya (Isabella Rossellini), etc. The list goes on and on and might even include a certain someone who may or may not have been shot repeatedly in the chest.

Eeee! I would so love this!
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Okay, not really. I'm quite sure that he really has nothing to do with the events that transpired on Alias last night. I imagine when it got out what was happening with Vaughn (sp?), someone probably went, "Omgz! I bet it's b/c of Ben and Jen!!" and the rest followed...

That said, I need to vent my anger on someone, and Ben is looking pretty damn good. Thus, he is evil and un-American just like baseball.

Now watch as I bask in denial:


(Note on use of term "un-American": Just used it bellow since baseball is supposed to be our national pastime--even though isn't, really anymore--and so calling it un-America was ironic; used it again here so as to keep parallel structure.)


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