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Is it bad that the full trailer for The Last Airbender has completely killed the little ember of interest that the Super Bowl teaser had sparked? Ah, well. At least I am now convinced I will be in wise in choosing to save my money.

Edit: The Katara action figure... I mourn.
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In the interest of attempting to organize my thoughts and feelings regarding the various ships of my fandoms, I am endeavoring to go through them, more or less one by one, and collect my opinions here. First up, Avatar!


Ships I Love )

Ships I Enjoy )

Ships to which I am Indifferent )

Ships I do not Enjoy )
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(11) Pheonix Wright (misc, and actually decent!)
(01) Avatar (zutara)
(04) Naruto (that Kakashi sleeping image and Team Yondy pic)
(04) Bleach (Ichigo & Orihime running)

Edgie's got a gun. )
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So I might be crazy busy this semester and unable to ramble about my shows like I am normally want to do, but that doesn't mean I'm not watching.

We started an urban legend! )
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If they say the entire East Coast will be able to see the rocket launch, the entire East Coast should be able to see the rocket stead of standing out in the freezing cold and withstanding the mocking comments of ones family to see nothing. (I blame the casinos; Damn you, Donald Trump!! *shakes fist*) On the plus side, I did see a shooting star...only I messed up the wording of my wish, and we all know that whatever divine entity is granting wishes, it is very particular in regard to our wordings and is always looking for mistake/loop-hole through which it can screw us over. *is both superstitious AND paranoid*

Apparently if a recipe says it makes 5-8 dozen cookies, you should be prepared to make a lot of cookies. (I can do this math...that's...6...0 to 8 times 2 is...16, carry the one, that's 96...? 60 to 96 cookies? And I sprinkled and iced 'em all! Go me.)

House: Oh, House. Oh, Wilson. And Cameron, please shut-up. I never really got the hate some people have for her character, and I've never really minded her before, but she was definitely pissing me off this past episode.

The Office: <3; I wonder what it means that my biggest squee of the episode was the Pam/Toby moment? Must be my affection for Toby. Aww, and Dwight and Angela were cute in a non-creepy way. lol @ the commercial break "Which will Stanley choose?" cliffhanger. (I thought he was just going to leave.) Poor Phyllis. Where was Bob Vance? And, last but no least, Oscaaar!

Avatar: I just realized why the possiblity of HeadofHair!Aang excites me. He can be ruffled now; his hair can be ruffled. If ever there was a non-existent cartoon kid whose [hypothetical] hair I wanted to ruffle, it's Aang. I will now be holding out the entire season for someone (I nominate you, Katara!) to ruffle his [hypothetical] hair and most likely am fated to write an angry letter when no one does. Ruffle!
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This is how you know it’s the final week of classes: instead of working on that Spanish scrap book project or that paper on British liberalism, I’m writing long, rambling posts about a(n) cartoon animated series.

Just take the bear. )
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The last finale was better. (...if only because it had a kick ass musical score...) (...and a giant fish thing wrecking havoc...)

When there's good on the outside... )
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Avatar promo.

Choices. )
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So, having slept and immersed myself in horrifically boring things like term papers this morning, I believe I have finally calmed down enough to be some what coherent...

Smooth sailing from here on out. ...Riiiiiight, Sokka... )


Nov. 17th, 2006 10:39 pm
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Will post more later when I am able to articulate but right now...Avatar preview... SPASM! Massive massive massive spasm! How the hell am I supposed to keep my hopes down and maintain a level head now? HOW? I ask you.
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Really, I hate it when things like this happen Avatar on Turbonick!

He's lying. )

Of course, the bitch of it all is now I have to wait until the 17th to find out what happens next. ...It's harder waiting two weeks than yay new Avatar no new Avatar but next week...yay new Avatar! (I'm still kinda used to the very other week thing season one did... And, yes, I am a whiny brat...and very little of the above makes sense.)
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The Office, Grey's, Heroes, Ugly Betty, spoilers for future episodes of Avatar. (Watch me as I refrain from bitching about Nick and their last minute schedule changes of evil!)

Learn to run *really* fast. )
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And I totally would have missed that pun had Ty Lee not pointed it out...

Is it bad that I enjoyed this episode more than the last? Like A LOT more? Like I really kind of loved this episode and the last one not so much? It succeeded at providing a wider glimpse of the Avatar world where Tales failed. (Ironically, I'd been looking forward to ToBS, thinking it would do just that, and had little interest in the adventures of Appa...)

And what is up with Nick and the lack of previews! I want previews, dammit!

I want a lil' bison! And Appa needs a hug! )

And, while I'm on Avatar, some random things that have crossed my mind:
Katara has bad luck when it comes to trees. She was tied to one. (Ep. 09) She's been knocked out by one. (Ep. 19) She's been pinned to one. (Ep. 28) And there might be more. ...She needs to stay away from wooded areas...

Zuko and Katara both suck at coming up with names for their partners in alias-ing. (Mushi? Dung/Dum/whatever name she gave to Toph?)

...And, yes, this was very random...
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I always knew this ep. would be a filler, but I hoped it might do a little more to advance the plot. And I am disappointed the stories didn't get to connect in that loose "20 shorts about springfield" (or whatever) way where a fly buzzes around Toph and she waves it off and flies away to buzz around Zuko...

That said, 'twas all right.

Brave soldier boy... )
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Now that is what I call an episode!

But where the hell is my freaking preview! Damn you, Nickelodian!

**waits for it be put up on iTunes...even though she recorded it...likes to waste money**

...Incidentaly, my Iroh icon is kinda freaking me out now...when put with in the context of this episode...

The last utopia on earth... )
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Okay, having been way too spoiled for these eps (ironic, what with the title and all), I am not nearly as hyper as I usually am post new Avatar. That said, yay! Avatar is back!

Overall, I prefered the 2nd episode. The first felt a little too rushed, almost like they were trying to pack too much into it. And they were far and away from the awesomeness that was episodes 12 and 13 of season 1. Still good though. Random thoughts follow:

Look at you, sleeveless boy... )
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Er, spoilers... )
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Cutting, obviously, for spoilers. )
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...and the total disappointment of this fan. All right, so the "Avatar movie" was a bit of let down--to me, anyway. Maybe it's just the result of waiting over a month for new episodes and the knowledge that there's no use getting excited as it will be two more month before the episodes continue. Maybe it's the total anticlimatic feel of the ending, or what I feel was wasted potential. I don't know. All I know is I'm feeling pretty dissatisfied at the moment.

Some more griping and a look at some of the episodes' bright spots below the cut. )
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Icon dump of all the random icons that I've made for myself and that aren't posted elsewhere. This is so, on the off chance that anyone chances to see one of them and wants it, they may feel free to snag.

Cause, you know, people can be weird about icons. )


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