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All right, well, in reading the various news pieces concerning Xeno DS, and learning that its script is being written by the same guys who made the Animation, I can't help but feel both a little wary and kinda really excited. Wary b/c of their cutting of the story lines that don't really have anything to do with the overall plot. **cough**Cherenkov**cough** And excited b/c of their including new scenes, plots, etc. I'm trying to think of the any new scenes in the anime, which I've yet to actually finish downloading/watching, and there's only one that really stands out in my mind--excluding, of course, the wonderful Drunk!Allen, Drunk!AssistantScott scene--and that, my friends, is the Jin/Pellegri confrontation in the Encephelon.

I've been shipping Jin/Pellegri since Episode I for no other reason than the fact they are the exact same age. Now, all right, being born in the same year isn't exactly evidence of a romance, but since this is Xenosaga, where few things happen by coincidence, I figured there had to be a reason for this. And, hey they'd look cute together, so why not ship them?

I was hoping for some Jin/Pellegri interaction in Episode II, what with all the Jin v. Margulis Death Match stuff, but alas it was not be... (There were a lot of scenes I was hoping for that were not be. You can't tell me an Allen/Jin conversation does not have the potential for hilarity!)

Then the Animation comes along with it's implied past relationship and Margulis involved angst! Not to mention that they're shown "together" in the opening credits... See here. )
I love it! And now that the same guys who wrote this scene into being are writing the script for DS, I can only hope for more J/P goodness! In honor of my xeno otp, I've made them a colorbar, which I may one day post elsewhere, hidden away amongst any other xeno colorbars I may feel inclined to make. But for now:

Jin and Pellegri are One Scene Implied Love )
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Four more Anne colorbars. I did another version of the Anne/Diana one to give it a more of a sense of symmetry. Don't know whether I succeeded or not. The other three are Marilla, Diana, and Gilbert. <3 (A bit blurry but, meh...)

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Am making some Anne of Green Gables colorbars. Here are the first three: Anne and Diana, Anne and Gilbert, and Matthew! They aren't the best quality, but they're as good as I could manage.

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Made two Secret Garden colorbars, one of Mary and Dickon, the other of just Dickon. Hardly exceptional, but I'm still pleased nevertheless.

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