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So, I'd ordered my copy of Advent Children from, and wasn't really expecting to get it until sometime later in the week, say, Thursday. But, lo and behold, I happen to be passing through my kitchen this afternoon and what do I spy on my front porch? Why, a package from ebgames! Cue excited flailing.

I enjoyed the movie--a lot. I hadn't sought out spoilers for it, but I hadn't really bothered with avoiding them either, so I wound up having a nice sort of balance between knowing what was going to happen but not knowing any of the details--the how or the why or the when. And, well, I really wasn't expecting that much from it plotwise, so I can't really complain. Though, someone who hadn't played the game would most definately have no clue what the hell was going on...

I thought the voices were, on the whole, extremely well done. I mean they obviously weren't perfect, which is fine b/c I wouldn't expect them to be, but I seriously don't understand what so many people are bitching (or were bitching or have been bitching) about.

Edite: Just noticed something; what's with the elements (as in the periodic table's elements) being on the front cover? **raises eyebrow** I must have missed something.

Random notes that I guess could be spoilery...

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Sep. 11th, 2005 04:09 pm
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This makes me happy! (Spoilers for Advent Children...)

Say "cheese."


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