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Um, squee?

...Gotta admit, though, it sucks to just be finishing the semester and yet so looking forward to September... (Still my day is officially made!)
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Sigh. Why does Kingdom Hearts have to do this to me?

I played the first game, and while I was interested in the overall story of the game and wanted to see everyone nice and safe and back where they belonged, the endless tedium that was the Disney worlds (after the initial nostalgia wore off) kept me from really caring that much about playing it or enjoying the game to the extent of anticipating a sequel. Then they stuck that "Another Side, Another Story" vid onto the end. And I was intrigued. Then they bust out Deep Dive, and I suddenly really, really wanted the next game. I mean, it's people in cloaks and rain and mysterious phrases and is that Riku? And OMG! Mickey! By the time the second game actually came around, I was so into it, I'd was even avoiding "spoiling" the new character designs. (Seriously, what was wrong with me?)

And then I played the game...and once more those damn Disney worlds that have nothing to do with anything yet take hours and hours of time to pass killed my enthusiasm. And then there was the disappointment at said cloaked figures getting almost no developement. Still, the ending was awesome and the secret ending even more so. (Knights! And Fields of Keyblades! Ooo!) But, no, I was going to stay strong and not care and just find out what happens after the game was released. ...And then the second Final Mix roles around and we get this new video and...and...and gah! It looks so good! Must. play. now.

And I know I'm just going to wind up being every bit as disappointed with KH3/whatever as I was with 2. (And odds are 3 won't even have playable Riku--squee--to make up for it.) But dammit, they've hooked me again!
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Well, today I beat Kingdom Hearts II. Spoilerifc thoughts follow...

We'll go together. )


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