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The first time I took this thing, I got a spider. A SPIDER! A horrible, horrible, freaky as hell eight legged thing! How upsetting is that? I don't think my daemon would really do that to me. How horrible would it be, though, to be petrified of whatever form your daemon did take...hypothetically speaking...

At any rate, I refused to accept that my soul would manifest itself in the form of a spider, so I took it (several more times) and first got an occelot named Orin and then this guy. I dunno. I kinda like the crow. My sister is terrified of them, but I think they're kinda pretty in a bleak sort of way. There's a certain forlorn mystery to them that I find appealing...

Promo pic!

Apr. 4th, 2007 03:27 pm
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Lord Asriel/Mrs. Coulter OTP for life!

...Although, in all truth, to me, they kinda almost look like they've been photoshopped together...
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The footage for The Golden Compass=awesomeness. For some reason the shots of Lyra clubbing the guy with the gun and smashing shit just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And the shot of Iorek running through town, and of Lyra walking into the dinning hall, and Lee! God I love Lee Scorsby! (Did I mispell his name? It looks wrong. Better question: did I mispell "mis(s)pell"?) I must say I'm actually really pleased with the way the movie seems to be coming out. Everything just looks amazing!

Also, now Pullman's saying the Books of Dust will be about Lyra? What happened to Lee? Not that I really mind. I think I'll like reading about adult Lyra. (Here's hoping Will will be in it too! *crosses fingers*)
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My hopes for this movie are increasing. Lyra looks just like I picture...except for some reason I thought her hair was straight. (But I haven't read the books in forever, so...)

Nicole Kidman actually looks kind of amazing as Mrs. Coulter. (lol, I love how everybody's daemon gets a name except her's. Golden Monkey. It had a name in the book, didn't it?)

00 nothing like I ever imagined Asriel as looking. HOWEVER! It works somehow. He definately commands your attention. 'Tis a good fit.

Lee! Oh, I'm in love. He's perfect. Just spot on.

Serafina is looking pretty awesome as well. I'm not sure I really had that clear of an image of her to begin with, though...

And the Gyptians and bears and everyhing else all seem to be working really well. Yes, yes, my hopes are up! **waits patiently to have them shot down**
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Wow, I had not realized they were casting for the HDM yet.

Nicole Kidman. Mrs. Coulter. ... Not what I had in mind. And too "Hollywood." However, I know she's who Phillip Pullman said he'd pick, so I am forced to be okay with it. (My friend, however, is going to freak as she has an illogical hatred of Nicole Kidman.)

Daniel Craig. Lord Asriel. Again, not exactly what I had in mind. (Isn't he supposed to be dark, Asriel? I mean, I guess he can die his hair, but even still.) He's better than Paul Bettany, though. I guess I'm okay with him in general, but it bothers me that James Bond is going to be in the movie. Y'know, it's a bit of a taint.

Eva Green as Serafina is good stuff. Now, she fits my image of the character.

It'll be fun once we actually start getting promo pictures. I do hope the movies turn out well, but I'll keep my hopes down. Though, I'll be happy, so long as they don't mess up the angels cause I could see them wanting to banish the fact they're gay to oblivion. But they were so sweet, and their relationship, so touching. And it was fairly subtely in the books. Ah, well, that's not until like the 3rd movie. No using worrying about it now.


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