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(04) Naruto (that Kakashi sleeping image and Team Yondy pic)
(04) Bleach (Ichigo & Orihime running)

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Icon dump of all the random icons that I've made for myself and that aren't posted elsewhere. This is so, on the off chance that anyone chances to see one of them and wants it, they may feel free to snag.

Cause, you know, people can be weird about icons. )
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Well, here's the final batch of Nancy Drew icons/bases featuring the covers of books 21-30. As before, there are two versions of each icon.

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Books 11-20. Decisiveness still /= my thing. Thus the multiple versions, though some here have only one version. This is mainly b/c I made them a while ago when I was still trying to fool myself into believing I could decide which I liked better. Ha.

My boyfriend goes to Emerson University, where does YOUR boyfriend go? )
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This is the first of three batches of Nancy Drew icons/bases I've made and features the artwork from the covers of the first ten Nancy Drew Mystery Stories books. You'll notice that there are two versions of each icon-base. This is due to the fact that I couldn't decide whether or not they looked better in their natural state or fixed up with photoshop. (And by "fixed up," I mean I clicked the one step auto-fix button. Yeah, I'm not much with photoshop.) So I thought I'd leave that up to any possible takers to decide!

Nancy suspected something was amiss... )


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