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One: I have been working my way through the Jane Austen Collection DVDs, featuring adaptations circa the 70s/80s, that I got for Christmas several years ago. I've yet to watch Pride and Prejudice and my Sense and Sensibility disc won't read, but in general, I have enjoyed them, especially after I got over the staging and other nitpicky things. Sure Mansfield Park was a little boring, but it kept me watching. However, Northanger Abbey was beyond ridiculous and I have been rambling on for the sole purpose of saying this: LOL!!! What is with the music? And, oh, Catherine's actress...

Two: I have just finished Emily of New Moon, and I really enjoyed it. I've heard there is supposed to be a bit of a divide between Anne people and Emily people, but I don't see why. There are certainly similarities but I think they are two very different animals. Emily was much darker and more realistic than  Anne. I suppose sentiment will always make me an Anne person, but I really like Emily--a lot. And Perry. And Ilse. And he father. And Elizabeth. Not sold on Teddy or Emily/Teddy, but I think that's because we never got to see their meeting and he didn't speak until well after his initial introduction. But I also understand that both the character and his romance with Emily gets more interesting early on in the next book. I will have to read the rest of the series someday, though no time soon. As it is I only read Emily because a friend had let it to me and I have to hang on to lent books for too long. But I definitely plan to finish exploring the world of New Moon.

Ocean's 13

Jun. 13th, 2007 08:51 pm
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Better than 12. Like a lot better than 12. I might even have enjoyed it as much as 11, if only because it didn't have to waste time on the romantic subplot...or character development (though I guess they were trying with Matt Damon). Because, let's face it, I watch these movies to see them get dressed up, put on fake accents, and pull off ridiculously (but deliciously) complex cons. That and Brad Pitt and George Clooney have good chemistry.

Pirates 3

Jun. 2nd, 2007 08:32 pm
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Yeah, yeah it had it's issues, but I still liked it a lot! Definately better than the second!

A beating heart. )
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The footage for The Golden Compass=awesomeness. For some reason the shots of Lyra clubbing the guy with the gun and smashing shit just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And the shot of Iorek running through town, and of Lyra walking into the dinning hall, and Lee! God I love Lee Scorsby! (Did I mispell his name? It looks wrong. Better question: did I mispell "mis(s)pell"?) I must say I'm actually really pleased with the way the movie seems to be coming out. Everything just looks amazing!

Also, now Pullman's saying the Books of Dust will be about Lyra? What happened to Lee? Not that I really mind. I think I'll like reading about adult Lyra. (Here's hoping Will will be in it too! *crosses fingers*)
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Random Oscar related thoughts/observations:

Helen Mirren will be coming home with meeeee! )
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Saw Children of Men last night, and it was very, very good and very, very intense. Unexpected things happened and the movie did a good job of keeping up the tension. There was this one shot at the end that went on forever and with which I am totally in love. I don't know what the record is for the longest continuous shot in a movie (and I'm sure there are crazy long ones out there) but this one definitely has to at least rank as being one of the more complicated. It was violent without being overly gory, and overall I thought everything was handled/done in a fairly realistic way.

I really liked the characterization in the film. I liked that no one was good or evil (unlike V for Vendetta). I liked that Kee was just a normal girl. “Spoiler” ) I liked that the movie's point of view was limited to Theo and what he knew (save for that bit at the end). And I liked the resistance movement was just as bad as the government. (I also liked the fact that there was a kick-ass gypsy. Hurray for the Roma!)

Also, the movie had a really good soundtrack/was mixed really well. I loved the effect of the ringing from the explosion, and the songs did a really good job of involving you in the scenes.

And, y’know, it never really occurred to me how truly terrifying the idea of not being able to procreate is (and that is definitely something we all take for granted) and what the world would be like without children. Until it was addressed in the film, it never even occurred to me that there would be no schools.

I've a question, though, are we meant to believe that world is a total hell because of the lack of children, did it just happen as a natural progression of things, or did the world's fall to chaos lead in someway to our infertility? (I think we needed to know more about the Human Project. Or maybe I missed something...)
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Talladega Nights: It was about what I expected it to be. The bit at the dinner table did amuse. Far from being the best of Will Ferrell, though.

Superman Returns: Okay, I'd never seen a Superman movie before, (although I DID watch Smallville when I was younger) so I had to rely largely on pop culture knowledge for the back-story, which may be why I didn't "get" certain things. For example: Lois and Superman. I don't get their relationship. So they love each other, but who what when how? I assume this is addressed in the previous movies/comics/whatever, but as it stood for me, I couldn't see the connection and their interactions just seemed...I dunno...odd...? That is, I don't get what Superman sees, and it was as if Lois was nursing an infatuation. It's like they have this connection but don't KNOW each other and can't know each other because the second he puts on glasses Clark becomes a hapless geek who lacks confidence and whom she ignores. And really, Clark does bemuse me b/c Spoiler! ) That said, I actually thought it was pretty good. And even though I have no clue what I'm talking about, I kinda think Kevin Spacey made a good Lex Luthor. So...yeah.

Night at the Museum: It was cute. A good little family movie. And now I'm going to have to listen to my brother-in-law make "gum-gum" jokes for the next couple of months or until something else comes along...

Eragon: I haven't read the books and had no interest in seeing it, but my friend wanted to go, so whatever. I tagged along. My verdict: Meh. I liked the dragon. (It was so cute when it was little; I wanted one!) I liked the token old guy. (But then again, it's Jeremy Irons. What's not to love?) And there was something else I liked that I don't remember now. (Must not have been too important.) Now, I suppose it's possible that the book was better, but...meh. There was like no character development. And I didn't like the girl. And I don't get what her connection is to Eragon. (Wow, I just typed Aragon and then had to delete it. Wonder what that means.) Aside from the obvious love cliché. And who was that random guy who was following him around and then suddenly became his buddy? He seemed like maybe he could have been interesting. Maybe. If given some time. Though I can’t say I would have wanted the movie to be any longer than it was...
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So, I saw The Departed last night. 'Twas very, very good. **resists urge to go on a "Scorcesebetternotgetrobbedagaintthisyear" rant** It was definately more in line with his older, grittier films. And I liked that. I'd a friend who'd seen it and said Jack Nicholson dominated the screen, but I'm inclined to disagree. In my opinion, Leonardo DiCaprio owned the movie. I mean, Jack Nicholson is Jack Nicholson. He's always like that. You expect it. You accept it. It's good. But Leonardo DiCaprio was just sooo intense, it was amazing. I'm gonna say it. He deserves an Oscar nom and I will be pissed if he does not get it. I'm glad he's turned out to be the sort of actor he is. Matt Damon was, of course, brilliant as well. I was reading a Time Magazine interview thing with "Jack, Matt, Leo, and Marty" and it mentioned how he (Damon) doesn't really play bad guys that often, so I suppose it should have seemed odd to see him in an antagonistic role, but it wasn't. He just plays a dick so well. As does Alec Baldwin. Oh, and I really like Mark Wahlberg (and his character) in this movie.

Anyway, the execution and direction was beautiful and very well done. The plot worked. I remember really enjoying some of the mes en scene and camera angles, though now I really can't remember what they were and that makes me sad. Well, except for one thing, but that...and everything else I have to say about the film is a spoiler. )
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Saw Scoop a couple of days ago. I hadn't really cared about seeing it (just going along with the gang) and wasn't expecting much b/c of the reviews, but I actually kinda liked it. I mean, okay, it wasn't the funniest moive ever and not nearly as good as some of Woody Allen's other movies, but it did amuse. And it was kind of nice to see Scarlet Johansen, whose name I just mispelled, playing a comedic role, even if I didn't exactly care for her character all that much. (She just always seemed a little overly/unnecessarily hostile to Woody Allen. That is, I get her being in denile/not wanting to believe this or that, but...dude, chill. He's helping you.) Much to my disappointment, Hugh Jackman wasn't looking so hot. He looked a bit more haggard or something. And his mannarisms were reminding my of my uncle's, which just weirded me out. But, aside from one fairly large loose end they left dangling, the movie was pretty decent. ...I thought.

In other news, Prison Break premier Monday--woot!

Like ten days til Xenosaga--woot! (And yay! The full US site is up!)

Summer classes over--woot!

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Saw The Devil Wears Prada last night. It was cute. I liked it. Meryl Streep was good. (This, of course, begs the question, "When is Meryl Streep ever not good?") I always kinda have fun watching her. And I love Stanley Tucci. He was awesome as per usual. And, ah! that one guy...**checks imdb** Simon Baker was in that tv show The Guardian. It took me nearly the entire movie to place him, but I knew I knew him from somewhere. My mom and I watched the reruns of that show in the summer and got to the finale and were all excited to see what happened next but then it was canceled. (Helllloooo, run on sentence!) But, um, yeah it was a good, light feely-good-ey movie that leaves one with a sense of having been entertained. And that was all I asked of it, so all is well!

Oh, and saw the preview for Little Miss Sunshine, and it looks hilarious. I can't wait to see it!
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So I saw X3 yesterday. My friend and I sat and waited through the credits (We were the only ones to do so. Fools!), knowing that there was an extra scene to be seen. The credits near their end, the obnoxious credit music reaches it peak...and then silence. They turned off the freaking sound.

"Don't worry," I assure my friend, who is more of X-men fan then me. (Read, I've not even seen the first two movies, her love goes back to the comics.) "I'm sure we'll be able to figure out what's going on just by the images." Oh, looks like we don't actually see much of anything, and the twist lies in whatever the hell that doctor/nurse chick just said. Must rely on super-lip-reading-powers.

Can I get a "WTF?" **audience responds, "WTF?"**
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So, I'd ordered my copy of Advent Children from, and wasn't really expecting to get it until sometime later in the week, say, Thursday. But, lo and behold, I happen to be passing through my kitchen this afternoon and what do I spy on my front porch? Why, a package from ebgames! Cue excited flailing.

I enjoyed the movie--a lot. I hadn't sought out spoilers for it, but I hadn't really bothered with avoiding them either, so I wound up having a nice sort of balance between knowing what was going to happen but not knowing any of the details--the how or the why or the when. And, well, I really wasn't expecting that much from it plotwise, so I can't really complain. Though, someone who hadn't played the game would most definately have no clue what the hell was going on...

I thought the voices were, on the whole, extremely well done. I mean they obviously weren't perfect, which is fine b/c I wouldn't expect them to be, but I seriously don't understand what so many people are bitching (or were bitching or have been bitching) about.

Edite: Just noticed something; what's with the elements (as in the periodic table's elements) being on the front cover? **raises eyebrow** I must have missed something.

Random notes that I guess could be spoilery...

What up foo? )
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Saw V for Vendetta last night. Twas okay. It's what you get when you take The Phantom of the Opera, Zorro, and Batman and stir vigorously. The love story deserves an eyebrow raise (the level of which is debatable). Not sure how I feel about the entire violence/terrorism is good thing, and spoilers ). I did, however, really like the whole "idea" thing. And it did have some nice quotable sections, and that's always enough to appease me! And there were some humorous bits, though I don't know if they were all intentional. (spoilers )) I was also amused to note that the computers they were using were Dell's. Good to know they survived the disintegration of America and birth of totalitarianism in England. Speaking of which, if they were attempting to mask the film's agenda and lessen the potential cultural-conservative-BLARGG-vs-liberal-GRARRR-wars controversy by setting it England, they failed. Also, it troubled me that she had all these different outfits. Where were they coming from?? But, erm, that said, it was a good-great movie, Natalie Portman acted well, and loved the inspector guy. spoilers )

Note on the trailers, Silent Hill actually looks good and scary as hell. X-Men trailer also really made me wish I watched those movies. And maybe I will. I so did not know one of them had wings--pretty white angel-ey wings...! (And I do like Hugh Jackman.)
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Like my lame attempt of a pun? Yeah, I've failed pretty miserably...

Anyway, I saw The Family Stone last night. I'm not going to say I didn't like it because I didn't necessarily dislike it. And I did enjoy parts of it, but well...spoilers )

Quasi-appropriate quote: "I told him, 'Don't put those rocks in you pocket, you're gonna sink like a stone!' And he did." --An ex-Alcatraz prisoner, describing the advice he gave to a fellow prisoner concerning the latter's escape plan, in some Alcatraz documentary I saw on tv a loooong time ago.
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Saw The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe the other night and am totally in love. I'd been looking forward to the movie but hadn't really been "following" it as I'm want to do with other things, and so it was nice to go in not knowing what to expect. Anyway, some random thoughts on the film: )

So, yeah, I do hope they'll make the other movies including the Magician's Nephew (my favorite of the series) and A Horse and His Boy. I could do without the Last Battle. I don't like that one. (I just can't get past the whole thing w/ Susan.) At any rate, props to everyone involved with the production of this wonderful adaptation! :)
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Saw Pride and Prejudice this weekend, and Matthew MacFayden as Mr. Darcy? Gah!! Swoon. If any woman in that audience was not thoroughly in love with him, she has to be a lesbian. Because he was "teh secks." Now this is a title that up until now has been reserved for Marlon Brando in A Street Car Named Desire, but my friends and I agreed to allow MacFayden's Darcy to hold the title for the evening. It's a sin they didn't give Darcy another smiling scene b/, we all melted in that one he was giving.

Other notes on the film other than Darcy's hottness--the cinematography (woah! spelling!) was positively gorgeous and there were so many cut-less scenes where the reel just kept going. Kiera Knightly didn't bother me in the least--she usually does--and I loved her as Lizzie. And hurray for Jane actually being pretty! And Mary <3! I loved I suppose this is a spoiler and wouldn't want to unwittingly spoil some poor soul who wandered here by accident ) Speaking of Mr. Bennet, Donald Sutherland was awesome. Really, everyone was wonderfully cast--especially Mr. Collins. He was perfect. And Mr. Bingly. (He had really pretty eyes, I noticed.)

...And I really cannot wait til the DVD comes out. I must now go off and search for a good Mr. Darcy icon. **whoosh**
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Finally saw GoF this morning, and omgsquee <3! For as many plot lines as they had to drop, this movie felt the most cannon of any of them, and I loved it! )
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My thoughts on the script for The Giver. Spoilers for the book and movie.

My thoughts )


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