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Just had a random thought re: JKR saying there were spots in the POA movie that gave her chills and foreshadow future events blahblahblah. I know that Lupin's description of Lily as someone who was able to "see the good in others even when they couldn't see it themselves," prompted a lot of Lupin/Lily theories. But, what if he's referring not to himself but to Snape? Now, I don't mean to say that Lupin was talking about Snape or that Kloves would intend anything of the sort, nor am I one of those Lily/Snape people. (I'm neither for nor against.) But, I think it can be safely assumed that there is some kind of Snape-Lily connection be it romantic or not. There's the whole Lily-gets-mad-at-James-for-bullying-Snape thing and HBP revelation that they're both ace potions brewers. I'm sure there's more, but I'm not as up on cannon as I should be. At any rate, the idea of Lily seeing something more to Snape than a dark, angsty, greasy loner (Is he a loner? For some reason I have that idea in my head. Could be completely erroneous though.), even if just his alchemistic genius (Though, those spells he made up are certainly the product of a gifted - albeit a bit, er, twisted at times - mind as well), certainly seems viable. And Snape strikes me as being a tad... I dunno... I don't want to say insecure, but maybe... self-depreciating? Nah. Maybe, rather, the type that puts a lot of pressure on himself and never seems to measure up in his own estimation. Something like that... Anyway, I could definitely see Lupin's comments foreshadowing a Lily-sees-good-in-Snape thing. How many years till book seven?

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"A man is three persons: the person he thinks he is, the person others think he is, and the person he is." -Sammy Johnson


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