May. 21st, 2010 02:12 pm
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Y'know, I've really enjoyed the last episodes of The Office. The minors had so many good moments: Creed's "He don't care about nothin!" and Ryan's various bits. And last week's cold open had me laughing out loud: "Stanley this is serious!" (As an aside, I've realized with some sadness that Stanley has fallen from the position of my favorite character after all the adulatory stuff. But I shall always love Pretzel Day!) Kathy Bates just fits in so well!

And yes, this is incoherent, but that's because I really don't have a point. Other than, if Steve Carrell is done after next year, I hope it's also the Office's last season. And that Jo makes good on her promise!!
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I'd kind of fallen out of Office fandom. I've always watched the show, but I hadn't really ventured into the episode/spoiler discussions for sometime. Well, today I did, and I am most disturbed to discover that shipping wank has come to the Office. True, there were people who routed for different and sometimes conflicting pairings, but I'd never noticed any real animosity. But the wank over Andy/Erin vs Andy/Oscar is disheartening to say the least.

Personally, I loved the idea of Andy/Oscar, but the more I thought about it, the less I think Oscar would really want to date Andy. But, hey, the episode where they were drunk together was great, and I enjoyed their bonding no end. And it would be a fun pairing. However, I'm also really enjoying Andy/Erin. It's adorable. And they really do seem to make a lot of sense. I think what really sold me on the pairing was when Erin started singing the Mr. Scott song from "Scott's Tots" because it made me immediately think of Andy and something he would do. And the drummers were amazing.

And I don't have a point other than I'm sad at the ridiculous (and mostly unjustified) hate Erin is getting. I can understand people not especially liking her, but we havn't been given much of reason (beyond personal taste) to dislike her. Yeah, she's quirky, but its all good!

So lets just get along!
(And, yes, I do find myself less enchanted with Pam than I used to be.)
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The Office: It's a date! )

Ugly Betty: Drew Barrymore! )

Grey's Anatomy It's over. )

Incidentally, I'm upset about American Idol. I wanted Melinda to win.
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So I might be crazy busy this semester and unable to ramble about my shows like I am normally want to do, but that doesn't mean I'm not watching.

We started an urban legend! )
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If they say the entire East Coast will be able to see the rocket launch, the entire East Coast should be able to see the rocket launch...in stead of standing out in the freezing cold and withstanding the mocking comments of ones family to see nothing. (I blame the casinos; Damn you, Donald Trump!! *shakes fist*) On the plus side, I did see a shooting star...only I messed up the wording of my wish, and we all know that whatever divine entity is granting wishes, it is very particular in regard to our wordings and is always looking for mistake/loop-hole through which it can screw us over. *is both superstitious AND paranoid*

Apparently if a recipe says it makes 5-8 dozen cookies, you should be prepared to make a lot of cookies. (I can do this math...that's...6...0 to 8 times 2 is...16, carry the one, that's 96...? 60 to 96 cookies? And I sprinkled and iced 'em all! Go me.)

House: Oh, House. Oh, Wilson. And Cameron, please shut-up. I never really got the hate some people have for her character, and I've never really minded her before, but she was definitely pissing me off this past episode.

The Office: <3; I wonder what it means that my biggest squee of the episode was the Pam/Toby moment? Must be my affection for Toby. Aww, and Dwight and Angela were cute in a non-creepy way. lol @ the commercial break "Which will Stanley choose?" cliffhanger. (I thought he was just going to leave.) Poor Phyllis. Where was Bob Vance? And, last but no least, Oscaaar!

Avatar: I just realized why the possiblity of HeadofHair!Aang excites me. He can be ruffled now; his hair can be ruffled. If ever there was a non-existent cartoon kid whose [hypothetical] hair I wanted to ruffle, it's Aang. I will now be holding out the entire season for someone (I nominate you, Katara!) to ruffle his [hypothetical] hair and most likely am fated to write an angry letter when no one does. Ruffle!
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The Office, Grey's, Heroes, Ugly Betty, spoilers for future episodes of Avatar. (Watch me as I refrain from bitching about Nick and their last minute schedule changes of evil!)

Learn to run *really* fast. )
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Oh, no! Toby!
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Ah, Thursdays! Beautiful, glorious Thursdays on which both The Office and Grey's Anatomy hold a time slot... I'm going to enjoy Thursdays. Spoilers for both shows follow!

I wonder if he knows... )
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I so need an Office icon.

I just really love stealing things. )


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