May. 27th, 2010 03:10 pm
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The more I keep hearing about Xenoblade, the more excited I get. Fingers crossed it's brought State side!


Jan. 31st, 2010 05:30 pm
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While I will not get my hopes up in regard to sequels, be they actual or spiritual, I will content myself with grinning like a madwoman and enjoying the fact that the game is being made by the xeno-team.

Spring 2010!
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Too late...

EDIT: :(
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This has me feeling guardedly optimistic. Becuase, okay, Nintendo is obviously making a move to get some rpgs, and what's Monolith's flagship rpg? Hell, I'd be happy with a xeno fighting game. (HEY! If Nintendo does have the rights to Xenosaga, does that mean they could throw Allen KOS-MOS into a super smash brothers game? I wonder...) But what's this 16% Namco has? I don't know enough about econmic-business-y stuff to have any clue what the division means aside from the fact that Nintendo got most of it. Like are they share holders now and Nintendo has the most so it can boss Monolith around? it something else?

I'd love it, though if Xenosaga came to Wii. I actually plan on buying one of those (just as soon as I finally finish Final Fantasy XII, so I can go back and beat Baiten Kaitos II--hey!--and then move on to Twilight Princess, which I cannot believe I've yet to play. I suck as a nerdy, video game fangirl; I really, really do...); ps3 is too expensive and over done. At any rate, if Nintendo bought the rights to Xenosaga, I can't imagine they wouldn't use them for something. And if Bamco still has them, doesn't that mean they still intend to use them? **ignores the Square Soft incident w/ Xenogears which prompted Monolith's foundation in the first place** Also, since Xenosaga was Takahashi's (I spelled that wrong, didn't I?) baby, and I imagine he still has some say, wouldn't he make a deal that would allow him to do something with it? Maybe? Is my logic totally nonsensical? ...Well, I don't care it if is! I'm taking this as a good sign!

EDIT: Just had a thought: Xenocard DS! Yah with me? **actually never really got a hand of Xenocard but like the idea of it anyway**

EDIT 2: Heh, I just had vision of Super Xeno Brothers; chaos is Mario; Wilhelm is Luigi. KOS-MOS is Princess Peach! (T-elos for Daisy?) And that makes Shion Toad. Yoshi can be Allen or Ziggy, maybe... Or Margulis. No! He should be Bowser. ...And now I'm actually starting to think way too much about this... (Sometimes, though, I really wish I could draw!)
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**is supposed to be finishing her Term Paper of Evil (TM)**

So, there's a lot of Xeno info stuff I need to catch up on. More specifically, this. But I need to be in a mental state where I can put two thoughts together and actually comprehend what I'm reading for that.

In the meantime, I was just skimming through this--really, I still need to read through it throrougly and will do so ones my brain recovers from the end of the semester--and must fangirl.

In the same way as chaos and Maria, he too was an existence that was actualized into the real-number domain by a power that emanated from the imaginary-number domain.

Ha! He's not dead, I tell you! He's just back in the upper realm. Wilhelm liiiives! **will forever be in denial** Hey, if Yeshua and Maria/y are still in existence, then dammit! So is Willy-boy!

Wilhelm himself, since he too is an existence within the Dimensional Universe, is not exempt from the resetting of Eternal Recurrence. In other words, Wilhelm is also someone who forgets all memories and repeats experiences from the beginning.
Even while understanding this is so, he still aims for Eternal Recurrence....
Just as chaos could instinctively use Lemegeton, Wilhelm possesses as a part of himself the Compass of Order and Chaos. Having lost all memory due to Eternal Recurrence, he instinctively comes to discover the power that he himself possesses by intently watching the movement of flowing consciousness. And then, by reading the movement of consciousness there, he begins to understand what he must not fail to accomplish.

Wilhelm is just awesome, and that's all there is to it. I love that he forgets. That means he's coming up with his mad manipulations every time from scratch! He's one badass mofo. XD ...And the fact that chaos forgets makes a couple of things I had wondered about make sense as well.

In order to conceal the Vessels of Anima from Wilhelm’s eye, Rennes-le-Chateau was chosen by the hand of the devotees of Maria. The reason it was chosen is not clear. ... The devotees of Maria were an anti-Wilhelm force that rejected the future of Eternal Recurrence, and to them, Rennes-le-Chateau was the very fortress itself for the sake of preventing this circle of eternity. ... When Lost Jerusalem was on the verge of being reduced down to Planck Scale, and as humanity was escaping to the universe, Wilhelm recovered the Vessels of Anima from Rennes-le-Chateau. However, he could not simultaneously recover Maria’s body. Although the Vessels of Anima had been recovered, the reason that Maria’s body wasn’t able to be recovered is unclear. No one is omnipotent; not even Wilhelm. Could there perhaps have been some kind of existence in that place that obstructed Wilhelm’s power and plans?

This just makes everything so much more interesting. I really wish we could know all about their relationships in the past. (I admit it, I've got a soft spot for the Y/M/W love-triangle even though I doubt one existed. Still, some sort of triangle does/did...and I just know it's amazing. ...And I wonder, if Rennes-le-Chateau was meant to be kept secret from Wilhelm, how he found out. And, yes, why couldn't he recover Maria/y? Curious. Very curious. (Reading these, I really do get a feeling that they meant for all of these things that "aren't clear" to be explained in a later game. A later game that most likely will never come. Tear.)

...Aaaand that's all for now... Back to work. (Eck.)

The End.

Oct. 14th, 2006 12:05 pm
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PS2 XENOSAGA EPISODE III $2,900,629 73,081

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Big, huge, ginormous post of doom, which is probably still missing loads of things I meant to mention and will go back and add in at a later date.

Spoilers like whoa...and long rambling thoughts bellow the cut...

A name to define one's existence... )
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So one week and one day ago I recieved my copy of Xenosaga Episode III. I immediatley took measures to seclude myself (though I was thwarted by school and friends) from the world and enjoy the game. Today I beat it, and am now returning to life.

Bitter-sweet. That's all I can say. I have to digest everything before I'll be able to write a more comprehensive piece on my thoughts.

All I know is I want more. And there needs to be more. I mean, not just any future games where chaos and KOS-MOS are the only members of the gang still around, as was once promised, but more games from this timeline. I just...I just want more. Xeno is fandom # 1. And it's such an annoying fandom (the elitists; I can't stand those damn elitists; it's not Xenogears, get over it and move one and stop bitching; if you don't like the -Sagas, don't play them) that I don't know if it will be able to sustain itself without the promise of new things to come. Now all I've got left is Harry Potter, which will end soon and I'm not all that involved in (and by involved I mean actively lurk in), and Avatar, which I need to distance myself from so as to protect my shippy-heart. ...And, well, my thirty trillion million other TV shows I watch, but...

Gah...I need to go off and cry or something. There NEEDS to be more! **huggles Wilhelm**
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'Tas shipped! Gah! **wanders off singing "One Day More" from Les Miz with appropriately altered Xeno-lyrics (or at least I would if I was creative enough to come up with them... As it is, Jean Val Jean is simply planning to leave Paris...)**
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HA-hahaha! Sucess! ...Sort of! Having waded through tons of Japanese Xenosaga fansites and randomly clicking on things, I have found what I think arethe links to most of the old fanart sites I used to visit. Yee!

**grumbles about the lack Jin/Pellegri fanart** Okay, I know the ship is debunked by the time we meet either of them, and the past romance will most likely be glossed over, but it still deserves some fanworks! ...Or maybe I'm the only fascinated by the pairing...

On a slightly related note I think I may have read a spoiler that I did not mean to read and now fear for a certain character's life. I know they'll be scores of deaths in episode three, but I really don't see why this character had to die or what purpose it serves. Eek. I'm getting misty just thinking about it. (Note to self: Stock up on kleenex before August 29th.)
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All right, so this is how it is: I'm telling you, random person who chanced to enter my journal, to buy Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra when it comes out on August 29th. Why? Because I said so. Not enough of a reason? Okay, because the Xeno series rox my sox and is all kinds of awesome sauce. Still not convince? Okay, then listen up!

Xenosaga is series of role playing games for Playstation 2, though there have been some spin offs for other systems and an anime. It encompasses the word epic, and features a storyline that is as massive as it is magnificent. The games would be filed under the sci-fi genre, so if you are a fan of science fiction--hurray! If you're not, that's fine, because I've never been big on it either. I am, however, in love with Xenosaga.

It is a game you play more so for its plot, which is brilliantly executed and on par with what you would expect from the film--rather than video game--industry, than for its game play or battle systems. That said, the game play, for those concerned with such things, is still enjoyable while not being too overcomplicated so as to turn off non-game players. But more on that later.

The story is truly ambitions and incorporates both ancient religious (primarily Gnostic Christian, some Buddhist and others) and philosophical (Nietzsche, Jung, etc.) themes. There are things that explode and crazy sword fights, political intrigue and mechanization, symbolism to the nth degree, some romance, some action and adventure, angst and drama, murder and mystery, and oh, the plot twists! And, of course, the characters and the world in which they live are just as painstakingly thought out and detailed as the story itself. Nothing is done without purpose, and it promises to have a fantastic pay off in the end. (If you're the sort of person who loves foreshadowing and feeling as if everything is part of some grand plan, welcome home!)

Sounds pretty good, no? Want to hear more? Then follow the cuts, my friend.

Erm, okay, so what is the story **about** exactly? )

They say the characters make the story, so what about them? What are they like? )

But what about the game play? )

Episode III? But I haven’t played I-II? Do I need to play first two episode to understand what’s going on? )

Religious? Is this game anti-Christian, etc? )

For more info on Xenosaga, I suggest stopping by:

Xenosaga’s Wikipedia entry Beware; spoilers abound.
The official North American site Episode III is still in teaser site form, but hopefully the full site will be up soon.
The translations at
The English Trailer on Youtube
A Japanese Trailer that gives you a better overview.

Now, to throw all dignity to wind, allow me to get down on my hands and knees and beg you to go out and buy Xenosaga III and tell your friends and make it huge seller. Please? **wibble**
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Sigh. Oh, bother. Real life interrupted my Xeno spam. But now that my class work is under control and certain friends on vacation, I may now resume and attempt to get caught up on all the Avatar stuff I've missed as well. (Because, apparently, that's all I post about any more: Xenosaga and Avatar.)

Anyway, after having seen this, I now demand that someone make an entire chaos music video set to evengeical Christian camp songs. I'd love to be able to match up one to the hand movements of that one song that goes, "His name is J-E-S-U-S! YES! He is the king of me..." Or better yet, the one that talks about stamping on Satan's face with chaos kicking ass. Tee-hee! Or, ooo! Jesus Christ Superstar! We need a Jesus Christ Superstar Xeno-vid. I wish I had the patience to sit down and make fanvids. I really do b/c right now I am feeling the inspiration...
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While it may have taken me awhile to warm to fanfic, I've always had a soft spot for fanart. Maybe it's because I can write (poorly) but I cannot draw/paint/do anything requiring artistic motor skills. I'm not physically capable of doing it. Hell, I couldn't even stay in the lines of coloring book until like sixth grade. (When I was little, I had this friend who kept two seperate coloring books, one for those who could color in the lines like herself and another for those who could not like her three year old brother. Guess which book she made use? Stupid traumatic childhood.)

Anyway, I used to have a list of crazy Japanese artists who drew some damn good Xeno-fanart. But apparently, when I was moving my favorites from the land of the evil overlord known as AOL to firefox, where the "Open in new tab button" is a smiling beacon of friendship, I forgot my crazy Japanese fanartist links! Oh noes! And the one link I do have no longer works.

I tried to find them. I failed. I opted to browse through deviantart instead.

Found awesomness: here, (especially here) here, (especially here and here) and also here.

Meanwhile, I still hope to find those crazy Japanese artists again.
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The soundtrack... )

Edit: Having listen to the soundtracks for the first to games, I've come to the conclusion that this is my least favorite. (The 1st being 1st; the 2nd being 2nd.) Though, I've a feeling this might change after actually playing Episode 3. It's just I remember more tracks from the 1st than I do the 2nd or third, which I suppose means I do prefer Mitsuda to Kajiura. The music is still awesome, though.


Jul. 13th, 2006 09:49 pm
crienselt: (Dickon wtf?) (Edit: Since it's been removed from the official site--thank God!--it's been uploaded here:

"She lookz juts like-a KOS-MOSa."

I crack up every time I hear hispanic!Allen. This has to be joke, doesn't it? I mean, it has to...

(Non-scary/hilarous trailer found here:

PS-My journal is so going to be Xeno-spammed during the next couple of days.
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EEEEE! I got my Xeno 3 "Sound Best Tracks" today! Luff!

Will go track by track later. (Because I have nothing to do tomorrow and I know I'll be antsy b/c of Avatar.) But! Random squee-age:

I could not be more enchanted with the composition of "the Miltia incidents" if I wanted to; the bits of the Song of Nephilim spread throughout are genius.

The castonet-type sound part of T-elos = <3

As testement (heh) to my growing sappiness, I actually teared up during "Febronia#2" (Is it possible for she and Virgil to have a happy ending? Is it too much to hope for?), "hepatic#3~I believe in you" (I keep picturing chaos/KOS-MOS stuff.) and the ending medley (OMG, it's the end! There won't be any more! Tear! Weep! Mourn! The saga is a tragedy unto itself!)

"I love you, sincerly" makes me feel a little warm and squishy. I'll admit it. I'm routing for Allen. I hope for good things. Go get her, boy. Go take away her tears. (Hey, Space Jesus doesn't lie!)

However, I do have a complaint. I knew that "Sound Best Tracks" titled was ominous and, indeed, not all the music is included. I was really looking forward to getting a nice long version of that Abel's Ark piece that was posted on GameFAQs. It really was reminiscent of "One Who Bears Fangs at God" and Mitsuda greatness... And I think I've heard mention of the first game disk having something like 120 tracks. (Exaggeration?) Still that's a lot of music. I guess, if it's mostly dungeon music (and maybe even text-box scene music), all there is to do is wait for someone to upload a rip.

However, that does me no good where trailer music is concerned. That was one thing I really appreciated about Episode II's soundtrack--that it included all of the unused music as well. Some of my favorite tracks come from there. And, I really wanted a copy of that song with the dark chanting in the most recent trailer sans the game voices. **pouts** Here's hoping, they release an additional soundtrack. **isn't holding her breath**

I am also disconcerted by the lack of an awesome "final boss theme." Ah, well. Poor Xeno.

And, I really wish there was a chaos and/or Wilhelm theme. If I was a video game composer, every character would have a theme song with a subtitle. A cool subtitle.
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All right, I realize this place has become overrun by xeno as of late, but as my journal is pretty much used for fan-squeeling/ranting and, being a tv whore, most of my fandoms are on hiatus. And the saga is just getting geared up. (Edit: Wow, that could be pun! The saga's getting geared up? Hohoho! I'm so accidentally witty! /lame)

I really kinda like his jacket.

There's something very simian about his pose.

Momma Uzuki! **wonders if that other person is other corpse from episode 1**

Man, Kevin's hung out with like everyone at some point in time, hasn't he?
1. "This is my evil U-TIC face!"
2. Febronia, like any good nanny, wants the pedophile to back off.
(She really should keep a closer eye on her at the park)

Feb, look out! Behind you!

Daddy Uzuki, look out! Behind you!

Little Shion, look out! Behind you!

**is still waiting for Elsa crew update.** Will probably happen next week while I'm away. ...What? I love those guys. Captain Matthews owns you all.
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Icon dump of all the random icons that I've made for myself and that aren't posted elsewhere. This is so, on the off chance that anyone chances to see one of them and wants it, they may feel free to snag.

Cause, you know, people can be weird about icons. )
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And I love them all.

Everything about Wilhelm's pose is perfect! Same thing goes for Kev, Al, and Virgil too. Their stances are just...mwah!

Y'know, I think this is one of my most looked forward to scenes

Come with me; I only want to fuse your eternal soul with a garter wearing robot I designed and thus fullfill all my kinky fantasies. (Note: I have no idea what they really want with Shion, but you've gotta suspect Kevin is up to something sneaky...)

No comment...

KOS-MOS is awakened and pissed!

Why do I get the feeling this scene takes place frighteningly close to the end?

Erde Kieser! (Somehow, I think I spelled that wrong...)

XD at the cabana wear. Oh, professor!

Bring on the Elsa crew!
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Y'know, in better quality, there's no doubting the voices. And now I think the possible Allen voice does sound like Dave Wittenberg. So no worries! :D (Though what's up with Mizrahi?) This will certainly keep me occupied whilst I wait for the official site to update with all that Wilhelm loveliness!


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